PCI to IEEE 1394 Card (3 port)

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This innovative PCI to IEEE 1394 Card has 3 ports and is fully hot pluggable! Three fully independent ports provides maximum peripheral connections. Up to 400Mb/s data rate, hot-plugging, are provided for the maximum peripheral connections. The 1394 standard also provides new services such as realtime I/O and live connect/disconnect capability for external devices including disk drives, printers and hand-held peripherals such as scanners and cameras. Hot plugging, dynamic reconfiguring of up to 63 nodes on the bus; no need to turn off the system while adding or removing 1394 devices. 1394 offers a rich set of advanced features, including live connection/disconnection of devices onto a 1394-based cable I/O system or boards into a 1394-based backplane. As many as 63 nodes can be configured on a desktop. 1394 is designed to function as both a cable-connected virtual bus and as a backplane bus that achieves speeds up to 400 Mbps. This type of performance has enabled many new PC applications such as real-time digital video.
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