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For most businesses, a Web Site and company e-mail are no longer optional items. Customers have come to expect to find your home page on the Internet. They expect you to have a professional address like And they expect you to have professional e-mail addresses like

When customers don’t find you on the Internet, there is a good chance they may send the business to your competitor instead. And if they see strange complicated web addresses, such as those you receive for free from your ISP, they may falsely assume that you are not a serious professional.

An Internet presence isn’t just for companies, individuals can make use of it as well. Having a home page is a great place to share information with friends and family, learn new skills such as web programming, or for use in maintaining a page about your interests or hobbies.

The first step in providing a web presence is in obtaining a domain name. This is the “.com” name you are used to seeing. The process for registering a name is very complex and there are a number of pitfalls along the way. Without care, you could easily end up giving away the name that you are working to register!

Once you have the name locked up, you need to find a machine that is connected to the Internet that you will use to be your web/e-mail server. This could be your own machine, or one that is maintained by another company. There are pros and cons to either approach.

Next comes the challenge of setting up your web pages, e-mail addresses, and any other software that needs to be installed in order to serve the Internet.

Needless to say, this entire process can be time consuming and very complicated!

All About Technology can help... we have extensive experience in:

  • Domain Registration
  • Server Configuration
  • Web Site Design
  • e-Mail Configuration
  • Web Host Selection

Having a web presence does not need to be a chore. Nor does it need to cost a lot of money. Let us help you establish your Internet site.


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