Virus Problems?



Like it, or not, viruses have become a part of our lives. It seems like such a regular occurrence... you turn on the nightly news, only to confront another case of a computer virus outbreak. And these malicious programs can do a lot more than just pester your machine. Viruses can:

  • Erase all of your programs and data
  • Send your private information to criminals
  • Cause your system to malfunction or lock up

Needless to say, the best way to deal with viruses is to protect yourself from them to start with!

But, even if you’ve already contracted a virus, in most cases the offender can be removed with pinpoint precision, leaving your precious data and programs intact and safe.

All About Technology can help you in your fight against viruses. We start by thoroughly checking your machine to ensure that your system is not currently infected. We use the latest professional technologies to scan every corner of your system.

If we find any viruses already installed on your machine, we provide you with the expertise required to understand what the virus is capable of doing, and just how you are best suited in coping with its removal. Then we will surgically remove the virus from your machine, disturbing as little data as is technically possible.

If you’ve been proactive enough to avoid virus infestation, we can help you on your quest to stay that way! We are fluent in the installation of today’s most effective virus protectors. We configure them so that they will be constantly updated with the latest virus protection methods. Still, they will require almost no interaction from the users.

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