Installing New Software?

We’ve all been through it before... trying to install that finicky new software. The “Getting Started” manuals make it sound as though it should be a 10 minute process. That is, if they are even written in such a way that they make sense. But then the headaches begin:

  • Strange error/warning messages
  • Incompatibilities with other software
  • Configuration problems
  • Trying to find answers in the owner’s manual
  • Telephone support that doesn’t answer your questions

Why go through all of the hassle?

Whether you are installing a new program, upgrading an existing program, or even wanting to switch to a newer version of Windows, All About Technology can help!

We’ve done more installs than you will do in a lifetime! We understand how to deal with those quirky installation issues. And if we don’t already have the answers, we are experts at finding them quickly.

And when it comes to large, cumbersome, and potentially dangerous upgrades (such as a new version of Windows or Office), do you really want to cross your fingers and hope it all goes well?

Give us a call and let us earn your business!


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