Networking Your Computers


Networking... it’s all the rage. And with good reason!

Doesn’t it just make sense to share your information? Most of today’s businesses, and many homes, have more than one computer. If you create a document on one machine, it makes sense that you might want to share it with the others. And yet many people still haven’t installed the networking components that make it possible to share data effortlessly.

Why not?

  • Networks are very finicky to set up
  • Misconfigurations can cause big problems
  • Security is a huge concern

At All About Technology, we have the expertise you need in helping you to select, install, configure and maintain a new or existing network.

We will set up your machines so that they can share information and documents with each other, just as if they were located on the same machine. This allows your employees or family members to easily collaborate together.

We will set up your printers and modems so that all of your machines can make use of them... not just the machine that they are connected to. This allows you to get the most benefit from those dollars you spend on these devices.

We will configure your security in such a way that your important, sensitive data stays secure and where you put it! You can rest assured that we will help you in installing the latest security techniques to keep all of your confidential data away from the many hackers that are always trying to find new networks to hack.

We will happily guide you through your network selection, from the many different wired or wireless network solutions that are available.

And, you may be surprised to find out that today’s networking solutions are extremely affordable! Give us a call to discuss your options.


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