Internet Access


It has been called the “Greatest Invention of the Last 100 Years!” The Internet is a tool that most of us really can’t afford to be without.

Whether we use it for e-mail, competitive shopping, research or just for fun, there is no other source of information as extensive as the internet.

But, Internet access can also be the root of so much confusion. With so many different services available, it can be difficult to determine what the right access options are for you.

  • Dial Up
  • Cable Modem
  • DSL
  • T1/T3
  • ISDN

All About Technology has the expertise to help guide you through the process of selecting and installing the access solution that best suits your needs.

We begin by discussing the ways in which you’d like to make use of the Internet. We help you to weigh the pros and cons of each access method. And, once you’ve selected a type of access, we can help you to find an appropriate vendor.

Rest assured... All About Technology is not in the business of selling Internet access, and our only goal is in helping you to find the most appropriate provider for your specific situation.

We will also configure your computer to make complete use of your new or existing internet connection. This includes all of those strange “network settings” that cause such confusion.

There are many canned software packages that offer to “optimize your Internet connection”. Be aware that some of them use the same settings for every machine. And some of these settings may not be appropriate for your connection. If used improperly, these programs can cause your connection to slow down or fail entirely. At All About Technology, we will tune your machines to run at their optimal speeds.

We can also assist in the selection and installation of Internet ready programs. Software that can help in many categories including:

  • e-Mail
  • Web Browsers
  • Telnet
  • FTP
  • Newsgroups
  • Chat
  • Instant Messaging

And, as always, we won’t leave the job until you know how to use your machine!

Give us a call and let us help you decide on your best choices for Internet access.


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